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Careers in Real Estate - Try Our Hot Topics’ Quiz

Smart phones. Tweeting. Texting with your clients. The way we do business in the real estate industry has changed dramatically in recent years and new technologies are introduced almost daily it seems.

Have you kept up?

Take our new 20 minute assessment for currently licensed real estate professionals to find out. This assessment will test your knowledge of these hot topics in the real estate industry today:
  • Real estate finance
  • Using new technologies
  • Going “green”
  • Working with Next Generation buyers and sellers
  • Professional goals
Once you have completed the assessment, a results report will be emailed to you outlining how you scored in each area and offering developmental ideas to get you on track with the future of real estate.

Have you ever wondered if you have the right personality to grow and sustain your real estate business? Click her to take our Personality Assessment and find out!
Hudson United Mortgage is focused on ensuring that your home financing goes smoothly. Work with a coordinated team of professionals who have successfully closed thousands of transactions with the agents at Better Homes and Gardens® Rand Realty.
The Hudson Group has a wide variety of insurance services from multiple insurance providers. In addition to your new homeowner’s policy, we offer a wide array of coverage including auto, life and commercial insurance.
Commercial Services
Rand Commercial has more than 30 years experience in our region with expertise in commercial real estate sales, muti-family housing, development marketing, land sales and development, condo conversion and corporate relocation.
Title Services
Hudson Abstract offers title insurance which provides you assurance that the property your are purchasing is clear from any competing claims of ownership. Closing on your home is easier when you work with Hudson Abstract.
Thinking of a career in real estate? Find out why it’s the career choice of thousands of entrepreneurs with a commitment to success. If you are already an agent, come see why more than 850 local agents make Better Homes and Gardens® Rand Realty their home.
Find An Agent
When you work with a Better Homes and Gardens® Rand Realty agent, you work with an agent trained on our Client Oriented Real Estate systems that ensure that we deliver operational and service excellence to each and every one of our clients.